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About the information on this website
Ebisu has confirmed its contained information carefully with the related parties, but does not guarantee it is completely true, reliable and safety, we do not assume any responsibility for any losses of information when you used this website.
We have the rights to modify, delete any information and website address at any time, or terminate to suspend the operation of this website, we do not assume any responsibility when you use this site to upload your personal information.
All of the news, informations, texts, pictures, photos, images, animation, video, audio, music, software, trademark, creativity and message of e-mail in this site, and Ebisu or the third-party companies have owned the copyright and protected by the law. Except of non-profit use on this site developed within the terms of use or reference within the conditions permitted by the law of use; without the permission of copyright owner, and the contents must not be copied, downloaded, modified, edited, reproduced or published. In addition, Ebisu or third-party companies require to quote the copyright and must be referenced with the copyright owner.
About E-mail and informations
Ebisu is under no obligation to fully reply all of the incoming e-mails or enquires received through this website, if you do not receive our reply and caused any losses, we shall not be responsible.
Ebisu comply with the terms of privacy protection, all of the messages, enquiries, advises and informations that received through this website can freely to be use for us.
Related Linking
All of the linked website should be complied with the law of Trademark and related regulations. Ebisu assumes no responsibility for the causes of disputes from the linked website and related matters.
After linked with the third-party website, if any losses occurred due to the linking, Ebisu shall not be responsible.
Customers are responsible by use and access of this website.
Due to the use of this website and caused the system interruption, any delay, termination, data loss and the illegal invasion and bring direct or indirect losses as the internet communication or computer failures, Ebisu shall not be responsible.
Reference of Laws and Jurisdiction
In use of this website and the explanation of "Terms and Conditions of Use" shall be settled in accordance with the Laws of Japan if no particular regulations.
All controversies and disputes related with this website shall be submitted to the Osaka District Court as the court of first instance if no particular regulations.

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