Ebisu Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ebisu) comply with the personal information and related legal regulations that are obtained from this website, and will protect the privacy collection and manage it as below.

1. About obtaining of personal information
Ebisu in order to prevent of obtaining personal information is compromised, tampered with, lost or used for other purposes, for malicious intrusion and computer virus has taken appropriate precautions against and safety management measures.
2. About management of personal information
Ebisu will clearly states the purpose for obtaining of personal information and use in business activities.
3. About use of personal informaton
Ebisu is to acquire and use personal information within the limitations of the purpose for obtaining the information. Without consent with our customers or other appropriate reasons, we would not share their information with third parties.
4. About consultation of personal information
If anyone want to terminate their personal information of disclosure, modification or use, we will take priority to handle it.
お問い合わせ担当 The in charge person of Information Division of EBISU Co., Ltd.
Tel:0743-56-0791(main line)
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5. Others
  1. If we do not acquire your personal information and could not provide some of particular services, please understand.
  2. We use SSL to protect the personal information that you have submitted; if someone cannot enter the related web page as some internet browser does not support SSL or the internal firewall special setting in some company, please understand.
  3. In the case of below 16 years old, please provide your personal information and to obtain guardian consent first.
  4. Ebisu does not assume any responsibility of the safety on the linking of other web page.
  5. To protect your personal information better, or when the related regulations of law have any changes, we may amend the usage guide of the protection of personal information, it will be announced in this website.

31 Aug 2007


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