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Ebisu owns the toothbrush production experience for 44 years. As an old brand, we always insists on quality is the first. To develop and manufacture the ordinary toothbrush, functional toothbrushes for prevention of periodontal disease, and interdental brush special to clean between teeth, etc products. Besides, we also have the products of tongue cleaner, tongue cleaner travel kit, and provides a fully oral care strategy.

Product Overview

Toothbrush Series

・Premium Care Series
・Oracle Ag+ Series
・Pro Grip Series
・RIGG Series
・Medifit Series
There are more toothbrush products of super-tapered bristles, compact brush head, natural bristles, and etc. You can choose that you like from our extensive product line and to meet your need.

If you need products for tongue cleaning . . .

Tongue Cleaner
・GRANZ Tongue Cleaner
・Tongue Cleaner with
rubber handle
・Black Tongue Cleaner
・Hello Kitty Tongue Cleaner
・Smile Scraper Travel Kit
Tongue cleaning is important for prevention of bad breath. Ebisu has developed the Tongue Cleaner that is special for you to keep tongue cleaning.

Interdental Products

Interdental Brush
・Rubber Interdental Brush
・I-type Interdental Brush
・Black Interdental Brush
・L-type Interdental Brush
Throughly cleaning food debris between teeth in order to prevent of periodontal disease.

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