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Laundry-Drying Products

Laundry-drying products are designed with stylish, easy to use and safe

Since 35 years ago, Ebisu has had developed laundry-drying products and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the field, we always thinking at the position of consumers and to manufacturing products. These products are the household essentials, so we take it into account for easy to use, safe and in stylish for the sense of interior design if using in indoor.

Product Line

2012 Spring New Items

・Housewife living series
- Replaceable small item drying racks-L
- Replaceable Integrated drying racks-46p
- Metal towel drying racks

According to home-style and choose suitable series

・Axle series
This series are using of transparent material, it makes more pleasure of boring chores. Polycarbonate PC has highly strengthen with the resistance of heat and cold.

According to the functionality for choosing

・Housewife living series
The plastic blanket pegs, plastic laundry dryer and other capabilities are available for air drying purpose.

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